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Pokemon GO celebrating Pikachu movie with special event

Published: 07:40, 07 May 2019
Two Pokemon GO trainers wearing Pikachu hats
Pokemon GO

Detective Pikachu will be hitting the theatres soon and Niantic have a perfect event to celebrate. As of today, Pokemon GO trainers will be able to capture all the Pokemon appearing in the movie, as well as its main star, of course.

Niantic wrote, "Get your detective hats ready and start looking for clues as we celebrate the one and only Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie! Do you have what it takes to keep up with the famous caffeine-powered detective who’s about to electrify audiences all over the world?"

So, as of 07 May to 17 May 2019, at 1pm PDT, Pokemon appearing in the movie will be found in the wild more frequently. We're talking about the likes of Pikachu, duh, Bulbasaur, Snubbull, Psyduck and more.

Additionally, select Pokemon featured in the movie will be appearing in raids and "If you're lucky, you could be photobombed by a Pikachu in a detective hat—with a chance to catch one of your very own!"

As usual, Pokemon GO players will be getting bonuses and Niantic made sure they get double XP for catching Pokemon. There will be some specially themed Field Research as well. 

As the final celebratory touch, Niantic will be offering themed avatar items in the Style Shop, just in case you're dead set on showing the world you're proud of your association with Deadpool. Oops, I mean Pikachu.

Pokemon GO is one of those rare games that actually make you go outside and Niantic have found a perfect way to put it to work, as more than 17,000 trainers recently cleaned up more than all over the world.

We can't say it wouldn't be great to see other companies follow suit, but Pokemon GO's format makes it a bit easier, since you don't have to stop playing to take part in Niantic's activities.

Niantic Pokemon GO, a trainer next to the game's logo Pokemon GO

Detective Pikachu movie launches this week and we're all excited to see how it does, even though some may not readily admit it. I mean, c'mon it's Deadpool. I mean, Pikachu, sure. 

You can find Niantic's event announcement .

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