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Pokemon Go - various attack updates announced

Published: 12:05, 24 January 2020
Battle in Pokemon Go
Battle in Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go will soon get an exciting new update. The upcoming patch will rebalance the mobile game's combat by adding some attacks the Pokemon couldn't learn before and bring back some old ones. A brand-new attack will also make an appearance.

Pokemon Go's latest update has been announced. Trainer Battles will be changed one final time in order to "set the stage for an exciting upcoming feature". The Charged Attacks and switching will now be queued and activated at the end of the current Fast Attack and won’t be overridden by any following Fast Attacks.

Some visual bugs that had the tendency to crop up during battles will be squashed.

Existing attacks in Pokemon Go will also be updated:

  • Megahorn - This Bug-type Charged Attack now deals more damage.
  • Volt Switch - This Electric-type Fast Attack now activates and generates energy more quickly.

There are rumours of a brand new attack appearing in Pokemon Go. Its name is the Flying Press but it is as of yet unknown which Pokemon will be able to learn it.

The following Pokemon will be able to learn attacks they couldn’t before:

  • Plusle and Minun: Grass Knot - This Grass-type Charged Attack will help the Cheering Pokemon deal with Ground-type Pokemon that could give them trouble in the Great League.
  • Lanturn: Spark - Lanturn didn’t previously have an Electric-type attack that was comparable to its Water-type attacks in power. Spark will help make Lanturn a strong lead and help it counter Azumarill with super effective damage and hit Altaria with neutral damage.
  • Ampharos: Thunder Punch - This Charged Attack will make Ampharos a powerful Electric-type attacker in the Great and Ultra Leagues.
  • Masquerain: Bubble Beam - This Water-type Charged Attack will give Masquerain a good coverage attack to counter Fire- and Rock-type Pokemon that could otherwise give this Bug- and Flying-type Pokemon trouble.
  • Vespiquen: Fury Cutter and Air Slash - The addition of these Bug- and Flying-type attacks gives Vespiquen a boost in power since these attacks match Vespiquen’s types, making Vespiquen more viable in battle.

Pokemon GO Gen 3

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Pokemon GO - Bagon
Pokemon GO Gen 3

Throwback anyone? Some of the Pokemon originally discovered in Kanto will, once again, be able to learn the stronger attacks that were available back in 2016. For now, these are the Pokemon that will be able to learn the old-new attacks:

  • Raichu: Thunder Shock​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Magneton: Thunder Shock, Discharge
  • Venomoth: Poison Fang
  • Haunter: Shadow Ball
  • Hypno: Shadow Ball
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