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PlayStation Plus free games lineup for September 2017

Published: 16:32, 03 September 2017
Sony Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation Plus free games lineup - September 2017

PlayStation Plus free games lineup for September has been announced, and Sony have decided to treat their players with a wonderful selection once again. Watch our video to see what games will be free in a few days' time.

Sony are showing no signs of stopping. Another great month for PlayStation Plus users. Here's what's on offer in September:

The headliner of September's PS Plus lineup for the PS4 is Infamous: Second Son. This open world title from Sucker Punch is an absolute must-play for any action-adventure fan, and, while there's probably loads of you out there who've already bought and beat this game, it's still a great pick - and for those haven't tried it yet? It's perfect. Released in 2014, Infamous: Second Son is still one of PS4's best titles, and with the recent PS4 Pro update it received, it's become well worth of another playthrough, even for players who've platinumed the game.

Infamous: Second Son screenshot Infamous: Second Son Infamous: Second Son

Now, there are some regional differences for other games on the PS4 this time around. If you're in Europe, with Infamous: Second Son, you'll also be getting Child of Light, and if you're in North America, instead of Child of Light - you'll be getting the blazing fast Strike Vector EX.

Ubisoft Child of Light Child of Light

What a sweet lineup, right? And it doesn't even stop there. Players who own a PlayStation VR headset will be delighted to hear that a PSVR game has joined the free games lineup for the first time ever. So, as a bonus game, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League will be up for grabs as well. Now this is something we hope Sony keep doing in the future - bonus games are always welcome!

Sony Interactive Entertainment RIGS: Mechanized Combat League RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

PlayStation 3 owners will be getting Truck Racer, which is a perfect title for trophy hunters as the game is one of the easiest platinums out there. Accompanying Truck Racer is Handball 16 by Bigben Interactive.

Bigben Interactive Truck Racer Truck Racer

The PlayStation Vita games include We Are Doomed and Hatoful Boyfriend, both of which are crossbuy with the PS4.


The games will be available to download on September 5, so make sure to download the games from the if you haven't already, as they'll be gone soon.

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