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Player is in different version of Overwatch? Here is a fix

Published: 01:17, 07 October 2022
Overwatch 2 - Lucio is not vibing with all of these bugs
Overwatch 2 - Lucio is not vibing with all of these bugs

Do you want to play Overwatch 2 with a friend on PC? Too bad, it's bugged. Or is it? Yes, it is but it can be bypassed easily.

Blizzard made another mess with a core system in Overwatch 2 as they inadvertently prevented people from playing with each other.

This problem is manifested through the bug that appears when you try to invite a friend to your party, only for the invite button to be greyed out and when you hover the mouse over it, the game gives you the message that the player is in a different version of Overwatch.

Normally, this is not the case and the problem is little more than a visual glitch that can be easily circumvented.

You will simply need to invite your friends manually by typing "/invite" with one space and then start typing the friend's name.

As soon as you start typing the name, the game will offer to fill the friend's ID with both the name and the number that is necessary for the invite to work.

Blizzard overwatch 2 hero Getting that support duo is still possible

Simply navigate ot the name of the friend you want to invite, hit Enter and they will be invited.

It is currently unknown how long this bug will persist but keep an eye out on the regular invite options since they are much more convenient and a typo will not prevent the invite from being sent.

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