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Planetside 2 rolls out a hefty PlayStation 4 update

Published: 12:24, 02 July 2018
DayBreak Games
Circular space-time anomaly from Planetside 2 video game
Planetside 2

Planetside 2's PlayStation 4 players have got a lot to look forward to from Daybreak Games' ongoing update called Summer Overwhelming, summer directives included, bringing them up to date with the recent changes that are already live on PC.

In case you weren't following Planetside 2's development on the master race side of things, the PS4 update is adding continent events, which activate once stabilised warpgates enter a charging phase.

Warpgates then trigger random events, similar to alerts but without continent locking. DayBreak said that "rewards will vary" just like the gameplay required. The events will range from anomalies over continents to controlling amp stations and even receiving black trader visits.

Speaking of anomalies, TR, VS and NC forces will be encountering aerial anomalies, with each faction having to perform readings in the proximity. Moreover, all the air vehicles are free during that time, so expect heavy resistance and great fun. Except for the VS - we know not what fun is and everyone's an anomaly to us, wink wink. 

Once your warpgate is charged, reaching 41 per cent of territory control triggers a meltdown alert, where the winner takes home the continent lock. Daybreak also re-enabled ESF and Valkyrie in Koltyr VR mode.

The 'Murica themed is coming to the PS4 as well, with double the XP from 04 to 08 July 2018 and cosmetics to match. Planetside 2 light assaults will find freedom thrusters among their LA loadouts, with a "patriotic twist". As you'd expect, NC will be getting an extra LA armour skin, for being patriots or whatever. 

The Tier 3 of the new summer directive earns you special Flash weapons, where NC, TR and VS variants are called LA7 Buzzard, M4-F Pillager and V30-F Starfall, respectively. The Buzzard uses far reaching, high explosive shells; Pillager is a flamethrower while Starfall utilises plasma of course, in three shot bursts.

The sweetest part of Planetside 2's summer directive though is the fact you'll have to use soldier soaker pistols and water balloon bombs. I guess if you have to die repeatedly, there's no need to suffer the Auraxis sun. Not sure 'bout Esamir though. 

New weaponry is in as well, with three variants of course. TR are getting the MG-HBR1 Dragoon automatic battle rifle, accurate stopper with explosive round attachment among the options. NC are getting the MGR-M1 Bishop battle rifle, with James Bond level of piercing rounds. VS are getting the VE-LR Obelisk battle rifle, sacrificing some damage for infinite ammo.

DayBreak Games Three space faring factions from first person shooter Planetside 2 Planetside 2

There are plenty of minor visual and balance tweaks across the board, which you can find in the official Planetside 2 Playstation 4 patch notes .

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