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Planetside Arena roadmap sets Early Access for 19 September 2019

Published: 21:20, 29 August 2019
DayBreak Games
Three futuristic soldiers from Planetside Arena
Planetside Arena

Planetside Arena, the battle royale edition of Daybreak Games' mass shooter Planetside 2, has had a turbulent announcement period, what with it being delayed twice already, but now we've got a roadmap and Early Access is coming real soon.

At the time, Daybreak said that Planetside Arena was so as to make sure that both PC and PlayStation 4 versions arrive simultaneously and in a polished state is more important than any other consideration, and it's hard to argue this after seeing the roadmap.

Planetside Arena will be kicking off its Early Access launch on PC on 19 September 2019, and it's no barebones version either. 

Initially, Planetside 2's battle royale cousin will have 300 player matches in Squads mode, which features 12 player groups, and Teams, which is a 3-player version thereof.

Anyone who's played the original game knows that it boasted some impressive player numbers, and Planetside Arena will be no different. Even though it will start with 300 players, it will be gradually scaled up to support up to 1,000+ players. A bunch of different vehicles goes without saying.

Planetside Arena players will have access to tactical loadouts, which allow you to tailor the class you plan to use to the play style you plan to employ, as well as the mod system, 

As you'd expect, Daybreak will be gradually expanding the game with additional modes, events, weapons and suit mods, starting in the fourth quarter of 2019, but that too is just the start.

The developer is planning to further juice up Planetside Arena throughout the first quarter 2020, culminating in a joint PC, PS4 and Xbox One launch in the second quarter. There's no exact date yet, but seeing as how we have a few Planetside 2 veterans over here, we will be following it closely and will update you as needed.

DayBreak Games Planetside Arena roadmap slide Planetside Arena, roadmap

Daybreak adapted Planetside 2's Amerish map for Planetside Arena, tweaking it to better suit battle royale gameplay and renaming it to  . It's still huge though as we're talking about 64 square kilometres here.

DayBreak Games A futuristic soldier looking at a sunset in Planetside Arena Planetside Arena

You can find the Early Access announcement on Planetside Arena's , or learn more from the game's .

Planetside: Arena, a Planetside 2 battle royale by Daybreak Games

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Planetside: Arena

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