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Planetside Arena, Planetside 2's battle royale sibling, shutting down

Published: 14:20, 14 December 2019
DayBreak Games
A futuristic soldier looking at a sunset in Planetside Arena
Planetside Arena

Planetside 2's battle royale offshoot started off ambitiously but then gradually ran into a series of delays, and now it's final. DayBreak games will be pulling the plug on Planetside Arena in January 2020, but everyone who made purchases in Early Access will be refunded.

"While our team set out with an ambitious vision for a game that combined the massive-scale combat and camaraderie of PlanetSide through a diverse collection of new game modes, it has become clear after several months in Early Access that our population levels make it impossible to sustain the gameplay experience we envisioned", wrote Planetside Arena's executive producer Andy Sites in the announcement on Steam. 

PlanetSide Arena will be playable until Friday, 10 January 2020 at 5pm PST, after which it's time to find a new pastime. Starting from today, you won't be able to buy any DLC packs or Virtual Currency, but you can continue to spend it if you bought some or earned it through gameplay.

All the players who made purchases in the Early Access phase will receive full refunds the moment servers are down. The refunds will be on your Steam Wallet.

"Thank you again for your loyalty and support during Beta and Early Access. Your feedback was invaluable, and your enduring passion for PlanetSide remains the bedrock our community is built upon. As painful as it is to close this chapter so quickly, we remain deeply committed to this franchise, and look forward to continuing this journey through the PlanetSide Universe with all of you", he concluded.

DayBreak Games Three futuristic soldiers from Planetside Arena Planetside Arena

Planetside 2's affinity for massive battles was meant to be one of Planetside Arena's selling points too, but the game never seemed to gain proper traction, not least because of the . There are rumours that the company will be selling off the franchise, which ironically many see as the best possible scenario. 

You can find the announcement

Planetside: Arena, a Planetside 2 battle royale by Daybreak Games

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Planetside: Arena
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