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Planetside 2 adds Colossus Heavy Tank and new SMG

Published: 09:21, 18 June 2020
Updated: 09:24, 18 June 2020
Daybreak Game Company
Planetside 2's the Colossus Tank
Planetside 2, The Colossus Tank

Planetside 2 has been getting a lot of love lately, and the Colossus update brings a 5-person tank bearing the same name, NS-66 Punisher SMG and more.

While the general shape may look familiar to Planetside 2 players, the firepower on the Colossus Tank should compensate for any disappointment over similarities in design.

"This hulking combat platform seats 5 players to man its primary cannon and 4 customizable support turrets. From its “deployed” mode, it fires powerful particle rounds capable of destroying Bastion weak points, filling a unique anti-air role", the studio wrote. 

Speaking of the studio, Planetside 2 is now handled by Daybreak's studio called Rogue Planet Games, and they've got their minds set on making it all it can be. And if you're familiar with the potential the franchise will ooze forever, that says a lot. 

Anyway, the second new addition is the SMG, an NS piece called NS-66 Punisher. Infiltrators and Light Infantry will be loving this one because it's the first Planetside 2 weapon that has class-specific abilities - Infiltrators get EMP munition, while LAs get Impulse Blast. 

Planetside 2 is also getting new Facility Modules,  which improve player-controlled bases by boosting their turret power, giving discounts or area-healing infantry. 

Last but not least of the major additions is the NS-03 Thumper SE, which is a special version of the Thumper that celebrates the franchise's 17 anniversary. It comes with an anti-infantry fragmentation payload with multiple specialised ammo types, and you know what that means. Yeah, looks like a promising farming tool already. 

Daybreak Game Company Planetside 2, The Colossus close up Planetside 2, The Colossus up close and personal

In addition to all of the above, the Colossus update brings new Merit Deployables, weapons balance changes and a bunch of bug fixes and QoL improvements. 

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