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Planetside 2: Escalation coming to PlayStation 4 this week

Published: 10:43, 30 July 2020
Daybreak Games
Planetside 2: Escalation, the Colossus Tank
Planetside 2: Escalation, the Colossus Tank

Planetside 2 is getting its biggest update yet on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, July 31, 20, adding new resources, tools, weapons, vehicles as well as a new social space.

For starters, Planetside 2: Escalation is not just the biggest in scope - also adds the biggest ship of the game - the Bastion Fleet Carrier. 

This monstrous interplanetary flagship can hold 48 players, engage enemies with from far away with onboard turrets and spawn air vehicles. In short it's a proper fortress. 

Yet another of Planetside 2's big boys is coming with Escalation, and we're talking about the Colossus Heavy Tank. While it's not exactly the Bastion's counterpart on land, the amount of hurt this tank packs would make you think it is. 

"Seating five players, one to drive and man the primary cannon, four more to operate each of its customizable targets, the Colossus is capable of filling a variety of roles on the battlefield. Its deployable Skylance Battery can target Bastion weakpoints and enemy ESF, providing unique anti-air support for your combined forces", the studio wrote. 

Bastion and Colossus may be physically imposing but are merely a fraction of the War Assets coming with Planetside 2: Escalation. It will allow Outfits to craft and deploy tools on the battlefield, as long as they can support it with resources, which in turn must be acquired by capturing bases and holding territories. 

Daybreak Games Planetside 2: Escalation, Bastion Fleet Carrier Planetside 2: Escalation, Bastion Fleet Carrier

Planetside 2: Escalation will let players spend resources on coordinated drop pod assaults called Steel Rain, or Citadel Shields, massive shields that block projectiles. There's also the ANVIL, which drops a ground vehicle of your choice straight from the air. Talk about air support 

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