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Planetside 2 left with skeleton crew after Daybreak layoffs

Published: 15:59, 18 October 2019
DayBreak Games
Planetside 2, Nanite System Operatives soldiers
Planetside 2, NSO

Another year, another wave of layoffs at Daybreak Games. This time around most of the affected former employees come from the Planetside 2 team, with EverQuest ones mostly remaining in tact.

Planetside franchise has been in a rough patch for a while now and the latest wave of layoffs at Daybreak didn't do it any justice. Daybreak have several franchises going at the same time and teams on each were impacted differently.

 EverQuest and EverQuest 2 teams were apparently largely untouched, more information on DC Universe Online teams is pending while Planetside Arena and Planetside 2 teams have reportedly been demolished. There are just two people left apparently, which more or less means the game will go into maintenance mode.

According to Bryan Burness, Planetside 2 is already on course for shutdown, although it will most likely not be an overnight affair. The curtain closing will, in his projections, happen as player base dissipates over time or if Daybreak Games itself shuts down.

Planetside Arena may have turned out to be dead on arrival, with 18 people in total playing the game at the time of writing but hardcore fans are still keeping Planetside 2 concurrent player count up. Daybreak's issues may not be the end of their favourite game though, as Burness pointed out that the IP is likely to be sold, just like others in Daybreak's possession.

Planetside 2, massive multiplayer shooter by Daybreak Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Planetside 2

The main pointer for this is that Daybreak are attempting to dissolve into bite-sized chunks that are the optimal format for selling the assets. Paul Dziadzio chimed in to state that someone else purchasing rights to Planetside franchise would be the best thing that could happen to it at this point.

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