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Planetside 2 getting first Outfit Wars finals and double XP weekend

Published: 16:03, 10 April 2020
DayBreak Games
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Planetside Arena

Planetside 2 has been having somewhat of a player resurgence as of late and although the occasion may not be all that jolly, returning to Auraxis always is. And what better way than with a matchup of the best servers have to offer.

Okay, technically, players won't be on Auraxis but on Desolation, an asteroid belt in deep space. As the story goes - the Desolation houses ancient Vanu relics, and is perfect for some Planetside 2-grade inter-faction carnage.

When we say Planetside 2-grade, we're naturally referring to the game's legendary scope. It still manages to stage some epic matchups even after all this time, and so the Outfit Wars matches are 48v48v48 player events.

Planetside 2's Twitch channel will be airing the matches an PS2 community streamers all day tomorrow, and you can find the full schedule below. 

"Matches will begin with a 20-minute deployment period for each Outfit to get organized beneath a protective shield near their command center. After deployment ends, a 90-minute alert will kick in to determine the fate of the match", Daybreak Games wrote. 

Each Planetside 2 outfit will be looking to control key territories on Desolation, which are Vanu obelisks that continue to churn out points per second for their holder. Whoever manages to extract 500 points, or has the highest score once the alert is done, is the winner. 

Of course, conquering territories with other two Planetside 2 outfits trying to do the same is not as simple as it may sound. It will be about clever timing as much as shooting, but Daybreak will make sure there's no shortage of firepower. 

"Participating Outfits will have their armory of War Assets available (with the exception of the Bastion Fleet Carrier), and can continue to craft Assets during the match. Each Desolation Command Center is fitted with a Cortium Silo housing 75,000 Cortium, along with pre-installed vehicle and air pads capable of spawning all standard vehicles", they wrote. 

Daybreak Planetside 2 - At times you will find that EVERYTHING can and will explode Planetside 2 - At times you will find that EVERYTHING can and will explode

The fact that Cortium is used for spawning vehicles, Planetside 2's Outfit Wars will be a more deliberate affair - Cortium is quite limited, and burning through it quickly may mean being stuck with plan A only.  

"Victorious Outfits from each match (3 Outfits from each server region - 15 total) will earn a completed Bastion Fleet Carrier for their Outfit. And as a “thank you” for your platoon's hard work, the winning team members on Desolation will also be granted a special title to commemorate their valorous trials in the Alpha 1 preseason finals of Outfit Wars", Daybreak concluded.

SolTech (Asia): 9:00 PM PDT (Friday, Apr. 10) / 1:00 PM JST (Saturday, Apr. 11)

  • Gold: [HHzs] HH WAR LEGION1 – [YLBT] YLB Hero Army – [MUvs] MUone
  • Silver: [PKaQ] Welcome to the world of Pikachu – [RWCN] RWCN – [CNOP] CNOP
  • Bronze: [BMLx] Blue Moonlight 2004 – [CNRT] RedThunderCHN – [CNVA] CHINA VNUA Outfit

Cobalt (Europe): 12:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM CEST

  • Gold: [91AR] 91st Armored NC Regiment – [3EPG] ZERG RUSS – [T] Toxic Zergsurfers
  • Silver: [RE4] THE RE4PERS – [SON5] Sons of Einherjar – [MOOD] The Boys
  • Bronze: [AXMI] Auraxium Minutemen – [TRXF] Terran Strike Forces – [TRID] Trident 

Miller (Europe): 12:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM CEST

  • Gold: [BHO] BoNeHeAdEdOvErLoRdS – [K] Sector JKU TR – [THVA] NewOutfitName
  • Silver: [TATF] Training Alliance Task Force – [BRTD] BetterRedThanDead – [DIG] Dignity of War
  • Bronze:  [1RPC] 1e Regiment des Para Commandos – [FU] Freelancers Union – [SIN] Singularity of Dark Stars

Emerald (NA East): 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT

  • Gold: [GSLD] The Guardian Shield – [AODR] Angels of Death TR – [BWAE] BUSHIDO WAE
  • Silver: [VCO] Voodoo Company – [1TMI] 1st Terran Mobile Infantry – [SKL] SoKaars Legion
  • Bronze: [HZN] Clan Horizon – [XSIL] Dolor Exsilium – [VKTZ] Vanu Sovereign KatZ

Connery (NA West): 8:00 PM PDT

  • Gold: [00] Recursion – [P1GS] SPACE PIGS – [DPSO] Dropping Purple Smoke
  • Silver: [WTAC] Western Tactical – [HMRD] Drunk Division – [TWC2] THE WILD CARDS
  • Bronze: [FEFA] IRON FORGED ALLIANCE – [CIK] BDogs Communication is Key – [BRAC] The BloodRaven Clan

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