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Ubisoft banned a player for creating photo mode for The Division

Published: 19:10, 12 February 2018
Screenshot from The Division showing SHD agents engaging flamethrower-wielding Cleaners in a literal firefight.
The Division - F$#% your flamethrower Hans, I want that Classified gear.

Matti Hietanen, creator of the photo mode for The Division got banned by Ubisoft for creating the quick access tool for HUD-less screenshots. The software isn't a cheating tool so the tides might turn.

When faced with the harsh reality of a nearly apocalyptic event caused by a super virus, there is little to no time or tolerance for artistic expression and Matti Hietanen suffered for it. Well actually, he was banned for tampering with The Division's properties and using Cheat Engine to create his Cinematic Tools.

The tool allowed players to alter weather conditions, freeze time and move camera freely in order to line up the perfect shot and it is obvious that some of the features could be used to cheat in the game. Matti kept that in mind and disabled his tools' availability in the game's PvP areas such as the Dark Zone.

Ubisoft A lovely day in New York by @Berduu The Division

Even though Matti did his best to prevent exploitation of his tools for cheating purposes he was permanently banned from the game and Ubisoft was well within their right to do so. It was anything but unexpected and Hietanen wasn't taken by surprise, owning up the the consequences, but also remarking it was worth it with his tweet.

Matti created several photo mode tools for other games in the past such as Dark Souls 3, and Cinematic Tools for The Division was released back in 2016. It is likely the radar picked him up as he updated CT recently.

Ubisoft quickly took notice, and while in business of protecting their game from malicious cheating attempts, they could be hardly described as an art hating group. Julian Gerighty, the company's Creative Director quickly responded and reassured Hietanen declaring he will look into the ban himself.

Gerighty also retweeted several screenshots taken with the help of Cinematic Tools so it is likely things will work out for Hietanen. Sadly, publishers and developers these days do not exactly have much time to cooperate with community modders but it is good to see these things work themselves out from time to time.

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