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The Division's Last Stand expansion got a release date

Published: 09:51, 24 February 2017
Updated: 17:05, 15 November 2018
Tom Clancy's: The Division

Ubisoft has announced the release date for the Patch 1.6 and the Last Stand expansion. The publisher and developer appears quite sincere in their efforts to support the game for years to come. If players will stay still remains to be seen.

At yesterday's State of the Game show, Ubisoft announced that they are releasing both the patch and the expansion on 28 February. This time around there will be no exclusivity period, and the release date stands for all platforms. was revealed back in January on the game's Twitch channel.

One of the game's largest patches, the 1.6 will bring gear balance, mechanics and other items. PS4 Pro players will be getting a little something extra in the form of resolution improvement on top of the Pro patch. Patch notes will become available a day before the 1.6 deploys. 

Twitch Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC Twitch Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC

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