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Path of Exile will look into cross-play once PS4 launch is done

Published: 18:28, 26 December 2018
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Grinding Gear Games have got quite the schedule ahead of them, what with the PlayStation 4 launch of Path of Exile slated for early 2019, so we've caught up with the studio's co-founder Chris Wilson and grilled him on what the future holds.

Ever since Epic and Fortnite poked their heads through a freshly created hole in Sony's anti-social resolve, the question of cross-play has followed just about every game that has multi-platform aspirations and Path of Exile is no different.

Speaking about cross-play, Wilson said that it's something Grinding Gear would love but, as you'd expect, it's not just their call. "We haven’t spoken to the platform-holders about it recently, and their stances might have changed since we last did so it’s something we’ll be investigating once we’ve got the PlayStation platform launched and running", he added.

Nevertheless, Wilson thinks that having a PlayStation 4 playground all for themselves will benefit Sony's fans, especially since they'll be newcomers in terms of platforms. He stressed that it probably wouldn't have been ideal to immediately pit the PS4 crowds against "the other console community" which has had the game for a while and knows exactly how everything works."

Speaking of PlayStation 4 players, they've been looking forward to having a go at Path of Exile before 2018 ends but were left disappointed after Grinding Gear revealed that the PS4 version to early February 2019.

Wilson reminded that Christmas in New Zealand is quite a long holiday, where staff often take two or three weeks, which is still only part of the reason behind Path of Exile's PS4 delay. "In addition, there are shutdowns for publishers over Christmas. We wanted to make sure that we’ve given them enough time to actually test the game fully", Wilson added.

Grinding Gear Games A woman pointing a sword at a kneeling man in Path of Exile: Betrayal Path of Exile: Betrayal

In addition, Wilson mentioned how PlayStation 4 players of Path of Exile will see the best possible edition of the game, not only because they've got extra time to tweak it. Namely, Xbox One owners had to go through quite a few changes in the process of porting the game from PC and the perfected console-specific edition is what they're getting come February 2019.

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