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Path of Exile dev would love to do cross-progression and Switch port

Published: 11:31, 12 December 2019
Grinding Gear Games
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Path of Exile Betrayal

Grinding Gear Games have quite a busy period behind them and as they're readying to deliver Path of Exile's biggest expansion Conquerors of the Atlas tomorrow, they held a Reddit AMA where they discussed cross-progression, potential Switch port, Vulkan, Linux and more.

The AMA was hosted by senior game designer Rory Rackham and co-founders Chris Wilson and Jonathan Rogers. One of the first questions was multiplayer party-play, which has quite a few long-running issues, but there's nothing new on this front - there will be no effects opacity slider for the time being. 

Asked whether he's interested in ensuring Path of Exile supports cross-platform progression or doing a Nintendo Switch port, Wilson said that they're very interested in both. However, not having endless resources or time means that these things will require more careful planning. In other words, not at the moment.

As for the changes coming with Conquerors of the Atlas, some Path of Exile players expressed concerns that the melee changes are too drastic, but Wilson stressed they're nowhere as bad as they may sound. 

"Armour on monsters doesn't have as much impact as you'd think (and you can use the new stats to mitigate phys damage reduction map mods), new Influence modifiers will mean new ways to make Melee weapons are available, and there are always some cool new mechanics you can use. We don't expect melee to be popular though, because it hasn't got much shiny new stuff going on this patch, and that's normal for a meta cycle", he wrote.

Press Kit picture showing players raiding in Path of Exile Betrayal Raiding the Syndicate's safehouses

There was also some discussion about Path of Exile's Linux support, seeing as how GGG announced a Vulkan port and a Mac client, and there's reason to be optimistic here. The devs seem concerned about the amount of support this move would require, but they said they could always limit it to select distros, not unlike what Steam does for Linux support.

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