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Pagan Online is now offline and named Pagan: Absent Gods

Published: 06:58, 15 August 2020
Mad Head
Pagan: Absent Gods
Pagan: Absent Gods

Mad Head Games announced that the transition from Pagan Online to the singleplayer experience that is Pagan: Absent Gods has been completed so here are a few tidbits you might need to know.

Pagan: Absent Gods will be exclusively a singleplayer experience, only available through Steam. This means that those who played through their Wargaming accounts will need to migrate but Mad Head assured players that the progress will be kept.

Furthermore, the full control of the game has been transferred back to Mad Head and while there are currently no plans to add further content, the developers noted they will be monitoring the situation with the newly singleplayer game in order to assess whether more content would be viable.

That is, after all, the reason why the servers and multiplayer aspects of the game were cut in the first place, as it was no longer sustainable. These words were echoed in both the official announcement on the Pagan page and the video from devs below.

In other words, it's highly likely the microtransactions were not providing the amount of recurring revenue Wargaming hoped for and they transferred the game back to Mad Head in its entirety.

While losing the multiplayer features is not a positive change, even though they were clunky in the first place, Pagan might end up being better as a singleplayer experience for two reasons.

First, the vast majority of the players already played it alone as the devs pointed out above. Second, the removal of microtransactions is always a good thing, no matter the game.

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