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Pagan Online action RPG is now available on Steam Early Access

Published: 08:39, 19 April 2019
Mad Head Games
Promotional image for Pagan Online
Pagan Online

Pagan Online is a new action RPG by Mad Head Games and published by Wargaming that popped up in Steam Early Access. It brings eight classes to play with at launch and it seems like there will be more, among other content, down the road.

Pagan Online is not a free to play game, standing at $29.99 / €26.99 / £22.99, which may be the reason why the game's launch day didn't result in tens of thousands of concurrent players. In fact, it didn't even launch in thousands - it at 747 players on the first day.

According to the official , the game is offering players intense PvE gameplay, which appears to be true based on the early user reviews. Player opinions are generally split between those who like and those who hate the WASD control scheme as opposed to the industry standard of mouse click based movement controls.

Some are suggesting that the control scheme implies the game was made with gamepad controls in mind, which could explain WASD. Wargaming and Mad Head Games are using this control scheme as a selling point but it appears that it may not turn out so well, even though the controls are reportedly well polished.

The controls are not the only touchy subject though. Pagan Online has loot boxes that contain rare crafting materials required to craft high-quality items. It could potentially turn into pay to win with extra steps, which will put some players off as well.

Pagan Online's story features a setting based on Slavic mythology that was around before Christianity, just like the name implies. 

Mad Head Games Picture of a guy slaughtering monsters in Pagan Online Pagan Online

Therefore, it is highly likely players will run into creatures similar to those found in The Witcher games but it's hard to imagine them being of the same quality. After all, this is an isometric action RPG that takes more inspiration from Diablo than The Witcher, with fewer close-ups of the monsters.

Still, the gameplay itself seems like a lot of fun but it remains to be seen whether Pagan Online will turn into a mobile-like microtransaction fest in the future.


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