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Pagan Online will go offline and become singleplayer

Published: 22:28, 08 July 2020
Mad Head Games
Picture of a monster about to wreck Ognya
Pagan Online

Wargaming and Mad Head Games announced that Pagan Online multiplayer servers will go down soon but the game will be available in a singleplayer form afterwards.

Pagan Online kicked off as an action RPG that was supposed to be playable in co-op but the feature ran into issues and players experienced massive lag when trying to play together. While those issues were being ironed out, both the developer and publisher came out and noted that the game will lose the multiplayer capability altogether, come August 4, 2020.

Technically, this isn't the end of support for Pagan Online since Mad Head Games will still maintain the game as a singleplayer experience on Steam. Maintain is the keyword here since the devs don't have any plans for new content in Pagan Online. They will instead just focus on fixing issues found in Pagan Online and potentially release hotfixes.

Wargaming is also giving away virtual goods in their other games if you played Pagan Online. There is seven days of premium and one vehicle from each of their major games, which can be redeemed from one's Wargaming account. The bonuses will be available shortly after the patch in August.

In case someone bought Pagan Online directly from , they will receive a Steam key for the newly singleplayer game. All progress from the Wargaming version of the game will be transferable to the Steam one.

Mad Head Games Picture of Anya after a successful mission Leaderboards will likely be leaving the game as well

Both Wargaming and Steam purchases of the game have been suspended until the patch kicks in.

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