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One of the biggest Destiny Exotics is coming to Destiny 2 this year

Published: 11:39, 23 August 2021
Destiny: Xur

Bungie seems to have cooked up a bunch of reveals for the Destiny 2 showcase but it all leaked shortly before they could premiere the show. If you don't want spoilers, we suggest you turn back.

Mere days before the Destiny 2 showcase, some pretty big reveals for the game leaked. Some of them include what is the most famous or infamous Exotic of the first Destiny, depending on your point of view - the Gjallarhorn.

It appears that the weapon is coming at the very end of 2021 and this may be some sort of Christmas or New Year present from Bungie since the leak dates it to late December 2021 .

This Exotic rocket launcher sports what is basically a fancier version of the Cluster Bomb perk that we see on Legendaries. Its projectile doesn't just turn into a bunch of smaller bombs - they will instead become smaller tracking projectiles. 

Gjallarhorn earned its fame as one of the first Power Exotics the original Destiny players used as they discovered its massive power in taking down bosses but it gained an even bigger spotlight after a Xur incident.

Basically, what we have in Destiny 2 today when it comes to Exotics is a completely different economy to what was the case in the original game. Players back then were struggling to get one to define their loadout, as opposed to everyone being a walking armoury of Exotics they can pull out at any time from the Collections. 

Bungie Destiny - Gjallarhorn Destiny - Gjallarhorn

So when Xur started selling the item, it was hard to fathom one could obtain this monstrosity so easily and since the players' knowledge was still growing at that point, many believed an Exotic rocket launcher was a waste of currency .

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