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Offline co-op is coming to Escape from Tarkov

Published: 07:46, 17 June 2022
Avoid getting butchered and perfect your squad movement offline
Avoid getting butchered and perfect your squad movement offline

How many times have you killed your teammate because he miscommunicated his location? Now you can finally practice squad coordination in a controlled, safe environment.

During the last week's podcast, Nikita announced that the offline co-op mode will be added with the upcoming patch. Offline mode in Tarkov has been available for a while now, and new players are advised to play offline a bit before heading into online PvP maps, as the player can both learn the maps more easily and get used to Escape from Tarkov mechanics.

But offline mode was limited to one person, as there were no options to include other people and play the game offline with friends, not even via LAN. That will finally change with the upcoming patch as the players will be able to host co-op offline raids.

For now, the number of people in the offline co-op will be limited to 11 but could expand to 20 in the future, as Nikita suggested.

Even the first limit of eleven players is more than sufficient as most squads run up to 5 members and can use this offline mode to better train movement and communication, introduce new squad members to the game, or just to have fun against bots without gear fear.

Battlestate Games Where and how to turn on co-op mode Where and how to turn on co-op mode

Just like in regular offline mode, no progression will be made during co-op plays, nor will you be able to keep loot you find in the raid, or lose the gear if you get killed as everything gets null & void after the offline raid. 

To play an offline co-op mode, select the checkbox option when setting up the raid. The players' invites will probably work as in online raids.

The matches will be hosted on the Battlestate Games' servers, so no LAN will come into play. The only thing people are afraid of is how will this impact early wipe as server overload has been an issue previously, most notably with the latest wipe when we had 100.000+ players waiting in a queue to play the game around Christmas.

The offline co-op will be limited to EOD players for now, but that could change in the future as well. Nikita didn't specify whether all the players need to have the EOD edition or just the host. 

The patch is coming soon, probably in late June - early July as there are a couple of things that need polishing before the release.

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