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Niantic roll out the red carpet for Sinnoh Region Pokemon

Published: 17:55, 16 October 2018
Pokemon Go's legendary bird Pokemon Articuno
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Niantic have rolled out a red carpet trailer for he arrival of the Sinnoh region Pokemon to Pokemon GO and peculiarly enough, although they should be added to the game this week, many trainers already reported sightings of the new Pokemon.

In case you've played Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Platinum or Pokemon Pearl, you'll be familiar with the Sinnoh region Pokemon. Niantic also advised trainers to get ready to meet the likes of Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup in their first ever Pokemon GO appearance.

We're not exactly sure about the sightings, although it's not impossible, since Niantic didn't give an exact time frame - they simply said to keep an eye out this week. Oh well, we're sure trainers won't have issues with things arriving early.

Moreover, the company said that Pokemon GO trainers will be seeing the Sinnoh region Pokemon "in waves", both this and over the comping weeks. This is about where the information train stops, as Niantic said to look for updates on the company's official communications channels.

Even though the initial global infatuation with Pokemon GO has subsided significantly, the game still holds the record for the fastest game to $300 million in revenue on Apple's iOS platform. Not only that, it's actually well , and everyone else for that matter, since it managed to do in 113 days what Epic needed 200 days to achieve. Fortite's daily revenue has since caught up with Pokemon GO, but the record remains.

It turns out that Pokemon GO makes more than $2 million daily, bringing the game's total to $1.8 billion since launch, which is certainly nothing to be smirked at. Granted, Fortnite is pulling in $2 million from Apple's platform alone, but let's not pretend there's anything remotely fair in this comparison.

Niantic Pokemon GO's newly revealed Pokemon Meltan Pokemon GO, Meltan

In related news, Niantic recently made Pokemon GO AR+ available on Android and if your device supports ARCore, you should get ready some neat changes, such as Pokemon scaling in size and noticing your movement.

You can find out more about AR+ and Sinnoh region Pokemon on the official website .

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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