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Niantic kick off Pokemon GO's Psychic Spectacular event

Published: 09:08, 07 October 2018
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Niantic have apparently had visions of psychic-type Pokemon in our future, which is another way to inform trainers around the globe that they've kicked off the Psychic Spectacular event, with Abra, Ralts, Baltoy and Slowpoke on the rise.

The three aforementioned psychic type Pokemon will be appearing in the wild more often until 14 October 2018, along with some of their psychic colleagues. Psychic Spectacular is live as of 05 October 2018.

As usual, Niantic have got a few extra carrots to dangle and over the course of the event, Pokemon GO trainers will get additional field research focusing on the little psychics. Should you complete these, you're well on your way to a research breakthrough, but first things first.

The company also pointed out the chance of Shiny Drowzee appearing during Psychic Spectacular, which happens to be the first time a shiny Drowzee has appeared in the game. I'm not sure whether he'll appreciate the enthusiasm of people hunting him on his debut the same way though. It is also still unclear whether the Drowzees participating in the event will be the same ones Ninantic employ on their development team.

Niantic really like them firsts and Mewtwo's raid bossing, which goes on until 23 October 2018, has been its debut in raid battles. You may recall that its appearances were exclusive to invite-only Ex raids.

Mewtwo's absence from EX raids will be covered by Gen III psychic type Deoxys and getting even near the mythical won't be possible without an invite.

Niantic Deoxys, mythical Pokemon from Hoenn region Pokemon GO, Deoxys

on Pokemon Go's earnings reckon that the AR phenomenon has made somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2 billion dollars in revenue since its launch some two and a half years ago. Almost a quarter of that revenue was generated in the two months directly following release.

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