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Niantic kicks off ID claiming process for all its games

Published: 08:22, 05 November 2021
Niantic ID process has kicked off
Niantic ID process has kicked off

Players of Niantic's AR games are now able to choose one username to become their Niantic ID. The chosen name will represent the player in all of Niantic's titles.

Niantic's games have been delighting the fans of real-world AR experiences for years now, and the players have developed a deeper connection with their on-screen usernames. These names have come to define most players' identities for the friends they've made in the AR. With this in mind, Niantic started rolling out its claiming process for Niantic ID.

What is Niantic ID and how to get it?

Getting a Niantic ID is a process that will let the player claim one nickname to use across all of Niantic's titles. Players will have to use one of their existing usernames to secure it as their Niantic ID.

This does not mean that your in-game usernames will change.

In fact, your existing usernames, as well as those you haven't even made yet, will be connected to your chosen Niantic ID so that your friends can always recognise your moniker even if you happen to be playing under a different pseudonym. 

This also means that your Profile and Friends List will always be waiting for you when you start playing a new game, as they are syncing with your Niantic ID.

All players of Niantic titles are eligible to claim their Niantic ID right now, and until November 26, 2021. Proceed through here to claim the username you already love. Players who'd like to give themselves a whole new name will want to stay tuned for additional information.

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