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Niantic backpedal on Pokemon GO's new switching mechanic

Published: 06:38, 12 July 2019
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Niantic have recently added some new attacks and mechanics to Pokemon GO Trainer Battles but one of them, Pokemon switching hasn't worked as great as intended, so the developer will be reverting to the old version until it's polished.

"In an effort to improve your competitive experience, the new switching Pokemon mechanic has been removed from Trainer Battles. We strive to make Trainer Battles intuitive and strategic, and we do not feel this change has met that bar", the company said on their website.

Nevertheless, and in spite of the unintended behaviours, Niantic are still pretty pleased with some of the aspects of Pokemon switching mechanic. In fact, they've been impressed at the depth of gameplay that's come from real-time switching against incoming attacks. 

Therefore, Niantic announced they'll be putting everything they've learned to use in Pokemon GO, albeit not immediately and not on live servers for now, but they're still planning to address the polish issues with Pokemon attacking and being attacked during switching animations.

"Moving forward, we also plan on more deliberately supporting the emergent strategy that has come from the old switching behavior", they wrote.

So, instead of sticking to their guns and fumbling to fix things on the go, no pun intended, Niantic have reverted to the Pokemon GO previous game rules until they can properly support the new mechanic.

The company wrote that they'll inform the player of any changes, but didn't provide a timeline on when can we expect the new and improved Pokemon switching back in the game.

As for the remaining changes, and we're referring to the new Pokemon attacks, they're still in the plans, so Fairy-type Fast Attack called Charm and Normal-type Charged Attack called Skull Bash are still incoming.

Niantic Picture of Entei from Pokemon Go Pokemon Go - Entei

Those are far from the only ones of course, as Niantic have quite the list on their website, detailing all of the new learnable and other brand new attacks coming to Pokemon GO. 

Niantic have had a blast in Dortmund, and trainers have earned themselves a , which kicks off on 14 July 2019.

You can find Niantic's announcement of Pokemon switching revert .  

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