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Next-gen Warframe downloads will start soon

Published: 21:11, 24 November 2020
Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes announced that PlayStation 5 version of their hit action game Warframe is just around the corner and fans will be able to download it in a few days.

Warframe's evolution from the early days is undeniable and Digital Extremes are looking to push it further. The team has recently announced the plans for next-gen consoles and the first one to get the upgraded version will be PlayStation 5. Tenno fans can start downloading the PlayStation 5 version on November 26, 2020.

Those who weren't lucky enough to snag a PS5 for themselves will not be left alone though. Warframe will support cross-gen multiplayer so the squads will still be able to play with each other even if some players are on PS4 and others are on PS5. Furthermore, the players' profiles will be saved and will move with them to the next-gen console.

Similar treatment is expected to happen with Xbox One and Xbox Series X but DE didn't announce them officially just yet. One thing is known for sure though - Xbox Series X version is coming soon so PS5 players will have a head start.

Some of the main features console players will be able to enjoy with the power of the next-gen include the improved graphics, which you can see in the embedded video, as well as support for PS5's adaptive triggers so the players can experience the impact of each shot whenever they pull the trigger and improved loading times that absolutely leave the current-gen in the dust.

It remains to be seen how the loading times will reflect on teaming up between generations since those with lower loading times will still have to wait for their teammates.

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