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Warframe 2019 roadmap reveals new expansion and story quests

Published: 13:08, 19 January 2019
Digital Extremes
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Deck 12 is another Fortuna expansion which will bring a new event and boss, while The New War will be the next chapter in Warframe's story. Three new Warframes are being developed and all the planned additions should be coming Spring 2019.

Warframe developers Digital Extremes have shared info on planned content releases in 2019 in their latest dev live stream. The content updates will be coming in every quarter of 2019 with the first one scheduled for Spring 2019.

Digital Extremes are currently working on three new Warframes and two of them have been revealed on the live stream. The first one is named Hyldren who uses her own shield to cast abilities which include team buffs and attack damage. Hyldren wields heavy weapons and is a techy Warframe.

The second Warframe which was mentioned is called Wisp. Unfortunately, the developers didn't share much info but they have promised to talk more about it in one of the upcoming live streams.

Spring 2019 will also be a release date for new expansion dubbed Deck 12 - Exploiter. Again, the devs didn't go into detail but have described the expansion as an event and "a lore bomb" with a new boss.

Gas City will receive a full overhaul in the upcoming months with an aesthetic facelift and new game mode. The update will add new enemy types, gameplay tweaks and reward structures. "It's not just a fresh coat of paint on the Gas City. There's a lot of really exciting things to do there, to earn there, and to learn there about the story," the devs explained.

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Daily alerts and challenge missions will be reworked in the Wolf of Saturn event. According to design director Scott McGregor, the new system will be a set of daily and weekly challenges combined in the story told through in-game animated comics.

The developers also shed some light on The New War, which is Warframe's new story quest continuing from The Sacrifice. They showed a new concept art which shows a huge Sentient ship consuming smaller vessels.

For Summer 2019, Digital Extremes are planning the already announced Railjack update which will allow the players to pilot spaceships, engage in dogfights and send their crew to board enemy vessels. 

And last but not least, Autumn 2019 will bring a new enemy faction Planes of Duviri. The devs shared early concept art and at the moment that's the only bit of info they have revealed.

Warframe's Venus-themed expansion Fortuna, by Digital Extremes

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