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Tencent acquires Warframe developer, Digital Extremes

Published: 06:42, 23 December 2020
Digital Extremes
Warframe, UT Skins, Shock Rifle skin
Warframe, UT Skins, Shock Rifle skin

Warframe developer studio, Digital Extremes, is now fully owned by Tencent who keep expanding into the gaming market.

Another day, another Tencent acquisition. This time around, they acquired Leyou, the previous parent company of Digital Extremes, resulting in the Warframe devs ending up with new bosses.

That said, the official announcement noted that DE remained creatively independent in the six years the studio was owned by Leyou and that policy is not about to change. Furthermore, the devs mentioned that transparency is one of their "core pillars", meaning the creative independency and the way the studio operated thus far are here to stay.

They followed the announcement up with a mini FAQ which claims that the devs will continue listening to the community for guidance as doing so resulted in Warframe growing ever more popular over the years.

Furthermore, the direction of the game will not change and the studio's creative goals have Xbox Series X/S in their immediate sights but also some surprises in 2021.

Ironically, the aforementioned transparency was somewhat muddled in the last portion of the FAQ , which had the question of whether the Chinese version of Warframe would get better or faster updates than the Western one.

The answer was that "Currently, the Chinese version of Warframe is far behind its Western counterpart" and Digital Extremes "are already working with Tencent to bring updates to the Chinese version".

In case you didn't notice, the core of the question here seems to be dodged entirely as DE didn't directly reply to whether the Chinese version would get faster or better updates, only that it's currently behind the Western version and that it will get some sort of updates. The FAQ holds no answers about what this means for the Western fans.

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