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Warframe remaster will reduce the game's size

Published: 01:37, 11 September 2020
Digital Extremes
Baruuk, Warframe's new frame in a kung fu pose
Warframe, Baruuk

Remasters tend to increase file sizes but that is not the case with Warframe as Digital Extremes decided to remaster the game for the exact opposite reason.

Warframe players will soon start seeing unusually high downloads when their game starts updating. They will total at 6.5GB which is quite chunky for an update and while one might expect the disk requirements to go up afterwards, it's the opposite that will happen.

After downloading those 6.5GB, players will see 6.6GB of space freed up on their disk. The reason for this is Digital Extremes' conclusion that their game is taking up too much space on the players' HDD or SSD.

It is especially the case on SSD since that kind of storage is a bit more expensive which, through the past eight years, often led PC users to purchase cheaper drives which also meant less space. 

As the forum post with the announcement reminisces, the original file size of Warframe was so tiny it could fit on a CD-ROM. That means less than 700MB which makes it hard to believe Warframe takes up tens of GB of space in your PC.

Anyway, it does and the reason for this remaster is that DE want to reduce the storage hogging. As a result, the images shown on the forums may not be what one expects when they see "remaster" in the headline.

Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol reworks Corvus

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol Dojo Room

The graphics quality change is hardly noticeable which is quite the success, given the size reduction. PC will be the first platform to get the remaster, with others to follow.

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