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Warframe is celebrating its fifth anniversary with its 38 million players

Published: 16:27, 13 March 2018
Digital Extremes
Three warframes posing for a picture in a bright light.

Warframe's fifth birthday is coming up on 21 March 2018 and Digitale Extremes have promised a pile of anniversary celebrations and events. The idea behind this appears to be a lot of celebration for a lot of players.

Warframe started out small in 2013 with just over 332.000 registered users that year. It is not a small number by itself but compared to the number of registered players today which is 38.083.936, it definitely seems like a peanut in a corn field.

Over seven million of those players came in the last year alone, following the Plains of Eidolon update. To celebrate their success, Digital Extremes have published several charts showing their fancy numbers, via .

Digital Extremes Counter showing the growth of registered users in Warframe over the 5 years. Warframe player growth over the years

These 38 million players have played the game for almost 1,2 billion hours, which makes up 136.747 years. They have also crafted ~53 million warframes and ~235 million weapons. The game's first boss, Captain Vor, met a tragic end over 53 million times. The Stalker who tried to instil dread during your missions drew the players' hate towards himself instead. He found his end 42 million times.

Originally, the Warframe team didn't expect the game to last half as long, as it was a game with just one level with 750MB install size. According to Warframe's Creative Director, Steve Sinclair, it is the community support that has allowed the team to grow and experiment with Warframe and that there is still a lot of stuff left to do.

Digital Extremes A chart showing the number of different weapons in Warframe over the course of 5 years. Warframe - total number of weapons during the years.

The TennoGen program is a collection of community-made items that get curated by the development team and some of them eventually get added to the game. The first round of TennoGen saw seven community items being added to the game, with a whopping total of 175 that were introduced up until now.

Warframe's  will lay out detailed plans for the celebration and events tomorrow, 14 March 2018. 

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