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Warframe is coming to Switch and new content coming to Warframe

Published: 16:07, 09 July 2018
Digital Extremes
Picture of a Tenno meeting a Corpus person on promotional poster for Warframe Fortuna
Warframe - Fortuna

Digital Extremes hosted another TennoCon last weekend where they revealed upcoming features, expansions and a port to Nintendo Switch. The port will be handled by Panic Button who already ported the likes of Wolfenstein and DOOM to Switch.

No one really expected this reveal to happen but it did. Digital Extremes announced that their co-op action game Warframe is in development for Nintendo Switch. It won't be an in-house project either, as Panic Button will be the ones doing the heavy lifting. This is likely because Digital Extremes will be working on the future content for Warframe in the meantime.

Panic Button are rather well known for their previous Nintendo Switch ports, such as DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Rocket League. There is no exact release date yet, and it is currently unknown whether the port will land before the introduction of Fortuna and Railjack.

Fortuna will be the next expansion, taking place on Venus which houses the titular colony populated by Corpus. The other faction that populates the place is Solaris United and Tenno will likely be sent to assist them in their efforts to liberate their kinsmen who are now glorified indentured servants to the well known Corpus aristocrat Nef Anyo.

One interesting detail seen in the gameplay from frozen Venus, seen below, is the addition of hoverboards. By that I don't mean the silly named evolution of the Segway. Players will get actual hoverboards, like the ones from Back to the Future, which they will be able to use to traverse large areas quickly or to perform tricks in the meantime.

Railjack is the name of the upcoming space ship players will be able to use to combat other space ships. This one is rather huge, so a proper crew will be needed, as demonstrated in the second half of the video below.

Digital Extremes Picture of a Tenno inside a Railjack looking at the outside of Railjack Warframe - Railjack

Players will also be able to leave the ship in order to board opposing ones and destroy them from the inside, which is also demonstrated in the gameplay demo. The video doesn't show the upcoming warframes though, such as the Revenant and Garuda.

In order to check these out, you may need to consult the or videos on .

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