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LoLdle classic, quote, ability and splash solutions - My arrows always find their marks

Published: 03:03, 22 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Varus - splash art
League of Legends - Varus seems to be getting his humanity back in the lore

League of Legends' fan-made wordle lookalike has another set of captivating trivia puzzles and here are all the solutions you will need.

League of Legends Wordle-inspired daily activity on a fan-made page has another set of challenges for the fans of the game and here are all the solutions, just in case you can't get there or feel too frustrated by the clues.

Keep in mind that the solutions obviously contain spoilers so just navigate to the one you're looking for and ignore the rest.

Classic solution


  • Gender - Male
  • Position(s) - Jungle, Middle, Support
    • Author's note - You can find him in top lane in solo queue as well but it's not listed on LoLdle site
  • Species - Human, aspect
  • Resource - Mana
  • Range type - Melee
  • Region(s) - Targon
  • Release year - 2010

Riot Games Picture of League of Legends champion Pantheon The one and only Mantheon

Solution - Pantheon

Quote solution

"My arrows always find their mark"

This is a pretty easy one sine only a handful of champions actually use arrows and the audio clue leaves no room for debate - it is Varus.

Ability solution

This one is easy to guess as well since the icon literally has the champion's image on it. Malphite's passive, Granite Shield is probably the most obvious clue in all of the categories today.

Splash solution

This one is a bit weird since it happened just a few days ago. Cosmic Huntress Nidalee skin appeared already and will be an easy solve for those who noticed her before.

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