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New World switches to seasonal model, adds new story and gear set storage

Published: 16:00, 22 February 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Fellowship and Fire
New World - Fellowship and Fire

New World is coming up with a pile of news about the game's future and while some changes may not be popular with the fans, they are here to stay.

Amazon Game Studios announced the addition of Seasons to New World , joining the same business model that virtually every live service uses today.

While some players may not like this homogenous structure in the gaming world today, it should provide a smoother pipeline for future releases.

In any case, the seasonal model and battle pass are coming on March 28, 2023, along with a new expedition, storyline gear storage and activity stamp cards.

The battle pass will consist of 100 tiers of rewards and from what we've seen, both tracks are stacked. AGS made a point of not letting the game become pay-to-win so anything that can be earned in the premium track can also be gathered through regular gameplay, except for exclusive cosmetics. You can check out our overview of the battle pass model for more details.

Amazon Game Studios New World - An example of a stamp card New World - An example of a stamp card

With the new season, a new expedition will debut. Players will join Sir Loth in Great Cleave to dive into The Empyrean Forge and stop the flow of magic within a necropolis, which ties into the new Silver Crows storyline where we are reuniting with an NPC from the early levelling areas. 

Activity stamp cards are not your usual daily login bonuses. Instead, they are designed to reward players for doing the usual things like completing an expedition or harvesting a certain amount of resources. Players get a bingo card that contains objectives for each field and completing all fields in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line will award additional seasonal XP.

Finally, there is the Gear Storage mechanic that was highly requested due to a million gear sets that are needed to play New World effectively. It will become available at level 25 of the battle pass, with additional set slots becoming available through season passes or purchases in the shop in exchange for Marks of Fortune.


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