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Wayfinder list of heroes and what they do

Published: 04:51, 10 January 2023
Updated: 04:53, 10 January 2023
Airship Syndicate
Wayfinder heroes about to go up against a beefy golem
Wayfinder heroes about to go up against a beefy golem

Wayfinder has just about revealed all the heroes that will be available initially as well as their roles in combat.

Wayfinder is an upcoming action MMO in the vein of Warframe, developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Digital Extremes , which kind of reveals why the similarities between two games exist.

Just like Warframe has, err... Warframes so does Wayfinder have Wayfinders. For the sake of not confusing the game title and the characters, we will refer to them as heroes for the rest of the article.

There are currently six Wayfinders that will let players wreak havoc on their enemies.

Wingrave is the frontline tank and support. While his looks remind of Reinhardt from Overwatch, he seems to be more focused on healing and protecting allies, rather than charging to the other end of the map.

Silo is all about controlling the battlefield through abilities that can debuff and displace enemies while also dealing damage, often in an area of effect.

Niss is an agile damage dealer that keeps shadow stepping all over the battlefield. If you played League of Legends , she is probably best described as totally-not-Akali.

Senja is a bruiser that can also taunt enemies but her signature seems to be attacking with her fists instead of using her giant weapons.

Kyros is a mage that specialises in dealing AoE damage but lacks escape tools which makes him the definition of a glass cannon.

The sixth hero will be announced soon and we will make sure to update the article with a brief description. In the meantime, you can check out the individual page for each of the Wayfinders .


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