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New World is drastically changing income from territory control

Published: 23:55, 03 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Weaver's Fen, one of the less popular towns
New World - Weaver's Fen, one of the less popular towns

Amazon Game Studios are going to rebalance the gains from territory ownership to something that will make New World companies much more dynamic.

New World has suffered a multitude of issues that impacted player morale and their willingness to fight over territories as they usually had to fight well-geared, entrenched owners of one of the biggest towns since the rest were barely worth owning, if at all.

With the Brimstone Sands update, however, Amazon Game Studios will give players much more incentive to fight over the less popular towns since they will become pretty profitable themselves.

This will be done by sharing the income across all towns so Everfall and Windsward are not as dominant as they are currently. Naturally, holding one of the more popular town will still give you a bigger slice of the pie.

First, all the coin taken from taxes will be put into the same pool that is shared across all the territories in New World, including the new map. 

After that, the coin will be split between ruling companies based on the following percentages:

  • 12.5 per cent: Everfall, Windsward and Brimstone Sands
  • 10.0 per cent: Brightwood, Queensport, Monarch's Bluffs
  • 7.5 per cent: Reekwater
  • 5.0 per cent: First Light, Cutlass Keys, Mourningdale, Weaver's Fen, Restless Shore

Amazon Game Studios New World - Invasions will be highly important to town owners now New World - Invasions will be highly important to town owners now

The maximum cut will be achieved only when a town has close to maximum Territory Points, which are achieved through town upgrades. Having around 90 per cent of the upgrades at the maximum will yield the maximum percentage, which is mentioned above.

While five per cent may seem low at first glance, this will make the unpopular towns actually profitable, giving the players incentive to fight over them.

Additionally, with the requirement to keep the upgrades up in order to get the maximum income, players will be incentivised to fight harder in both wars and invasions so their stations don't get degraded, which will result in costs to repair them and lower tax income.

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