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New World is increasing server caps in the near future

Published: 01:32, 31 August 2022
Updated: 01:33, 31 August 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - A group of players starting a chest run
New World - A group of players starting a chest run

New World may not have the player numbers from back at launch but AGS might be introducing more servers but also improving the existing ones.

One of the issues New World can't shake is the way the servers work and the subsequent bottlenecking of the player base's potential. 

For example, arena, Outpost Rush and expedition queues are taking longer than they normally would because the game only allows around 2,000 players per server, leaving these group activities with fewer players in the pool to choose from.

It is probably the leading reason why Wccftech was compelled to ask whether such activities would get cross-server capabilities.

Unfortunately, Amazon Game Studios currently have no ETA on such a feature because its implementation takes a long time but they reassured the players the team is looking into it.

On the side of better news, the devs confirmed they are also looking to increase player caps on servers, which would partially alleviate the issue of not having enough people for certain activities. Moreover, this change is coming to New World before the end of 2022 and might even arrive as soon as October.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Greatsword in action New World - Greatsword in action

That is great news for those who are having trouble finding enough people for activities, especially those fed up with waiting for 32 players in OPR but the PvE side might suffer. The more players are active in a server, the rarer the resources become due to an increased demand while the supply remains the same.

Hopefully, the new map can alleviate that issue, should it prove to be resource-rich. It's not outside the realm of possibility since Brimstone Sands is said to have three times the size of any zone currently present in the game.

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