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New World's next map, Brimstone Sands, features Egyptian and Roman themes

Published: 16:21, 30 August 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Brimstone Sands
New World - Brimstone Sands

Amazon Game Studios revealed what the new map in New World will look like and what it's inspired by.

New World 's narrative places the game in the late 15th century and has ties with the real world. After all, it was shown in the opening cinematic where Thorpe travelled from the lands known to Earth inhabitants of the time to the island of Aeternum that has all the supernatural things going on.

Now the new map, Brimstone Sands, has similar touches in the lore. As it turns out, the explorers of the game's modern day were not the only ones to reach Aeternum - Egyptians did it long ago.

Furthermore, they were followed by Romans who also arrived in the same area. 

According to AGS , Egyptians had a symbiotic relationship with the Ancients for a while but a falling out happened and they had a big war that eventually saw only the skeletons remaining to this day.

As for the Romans, the devs didn't reveal the nature of their visit to the island but we did get to see they interacted with the Corruption. In other words, Brimstone Sands will have reskinned Ancient and Corrupted enemies, with the former taking Egyptian theme while the latter will be more along the lines of the Romans.

While the apparent lack of actually new enemies will likely discourage longtime players, AGS did note there is about three zones' worth of content within Brimstone Sands. They also said there will be "dozens of new enemies" but it remains to be seen how many are actually and how many are just reskins of existing creatures. However, there is at least one actually new enemy type - the scorpion.

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