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New World - Greatsword gameplay finally shown, weapon coming soon

Published: 00:42, 31 August 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Greatsword in action
New World - Greatsword in action

Amazon Game Studios' latest developer update featured a teaser for the upcoming greatsword weapon that provided some quite interesting info.

Greatsword has been garnering hype for a while now in the New World circles as the new weapon will be the first addition when it comes to melee options. However, many questions lingered in the air and AGS cleared some of them up in the latest developer update.

First - the matter of damage scaling. As many have guessed by now, the weapon will scale with Strength and Dexterity but what they probably didn't know is that the greatsword will scale evenly with both attributes, providing an interesting option to potentially pair up with a bow or a musket.

In a reveal that is possibly even juicier, AGS revealed how the weapon's mechanics will work and it's all about using the provided stances correctly.

Onslaught is the hyper-aggressive stance where the player will deal more damage but also take more damage. While in this stance, the player will be able to sacrifice Stamina in order to quicken their heavy attacks. This means Opal will be the preferred gem for many players, on top of Thwarting Strikes, in case you are going in with 300 Strength.

Meanwhile, the defensive stance is called Defiance and it does the exact opposite - you deal less damage but you also take less damage. The standout mechanic here is the ability that you can channel for a little while, blocking enemy attacks in the process. Once the channel expires or you reactivate the ability, it will deal damage to enemies based on the number of attacks blocked.

Overall, this looks like a fun weapon that will properly refresh the game for many melee enthusiasts and open the doors for new builds that mix up Strength and Dexterity.

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