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New World fresh start server release date and details announced

Published: 00:51, 08 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
A fresh start in New World
A fresh start in New World

New World players will soon have an opportunity to get into servers that are not tainted by the inflation and power accumulation that have occurred in the existing ones.

New World has had a rocky launch back in the day and a good deal of these troubles stemmed from duping issues and it's unclear to this day whether Amazon Game Studios managed to get all the ill-gotten goods out of the game.

To compound inflation from such events, territory control resulted in obscene amounts of money for companies that held Everfall and Windsward so the vast majority of money ended up in the pockets of only a handful of players.

These two problems that caused economic imbalance will both be dealt with by the time Brimstone Sands update kicks off but the consequences of their existence will remain, except on the fresh start servers.

Fresh start servers are going live on November 2, 2022, giving everyone an opportunity to build up from scratch in a world where the power has not been definitively put into the hands of a small group of players who potentially exploited the game mechanics to control more than one territory up to this point.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Monarch's Bluffs, all prettied up in Brimstone Sands update New World - Monarch's Bluffs, all prettied up in Brimstone Sands update

Everyone starts from scratch and they will have the new levelling experience to go through, on top of blocking out the vast riches that may be spoiling their enjoyment on live servers.

All the coin, loot and characters will  be required to originate on fresh start server, meaning that transfers here will not be possible, making sure that everyone starts off equal.

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