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New World devs delay Group Finder release date

Published: 12:09, 29 July 2022
New World - Tempest's Heart expedition
New World - Tempest's Heart expedition

One of the most anticipated features in New World will take a bit longer to arrive than originally planned.

New World players have had to move over several obstacles before ever stepping foot in any of the expeditions which led to numerous players never even trying to get through this content. Things like Gear Score requirements, tuning orbs and inability to find enough players to adventure with were the main issues.

Gear Score requirement can easily be circumvented through various ways to increase one's Expertise and purchasing 600 GS items on the Trading Post while tuning orbs were removed entirely, thanks to the summer update.

The next obstacle is finding players to go into the dungeons with and the Group Finder tool was supposed to be the answer to this question. It still is but the initial planned release date, together with the Barnacles & Powder expedition, will not be met.

AGS informed the players that the feature needs additional scale testing in order to deliver a better experience for everyone, which is why it won't be arriving next week. The devs currently have no release date but they will apprise the players as soon as possible.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Barnacles and Black Powder New World - Barnacles and Black Powder

Meanwhile, Barnacles and Black Powder expedition release is proceeding as planned for both the normal and mutated versions and the new mutations will be released in the same patch.

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