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New World announces three spring events with a few details

Published: 12:28, 17 March 2023
Updated: 12:29, 17 March 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Fury of the Spriggan
New World - Fury of the Spriggan

New World will have a bunch of events in a relatively short period during the Spring of 2023 so here are quick snippets to keep up with the happenings.

Amazon Game Studios revealed there will be three events in New World during the Spring of 2023, some based on holidays, others on the year's season.

Rabbit's Revenge is the Easter-themed event and all those innocent bunnies we butchered in Aeternum may finally get their revenge. 

The more likely scenario, however, is that the actually dangerous ones will instead be farmed for loot as Corrupted Rabbits will feature event-specific rewards that usually end up being in fairly high demand.

Springtide Bloom is coming after the rabbit infestation. Players will be tasked with completing quests for the Bloom Herald in order to find the mysteries of Wispybloom and collect the associated rewards. 

This is probably the biggest event of the three so we are highly likely to find some interesting recipes along the way.

Fury of the Spriggan is the most mysterious event of the three as details are still scarce. We only know that we will clash with Angry Earth as a result of The Ennead's awakening.

Players will need to group up to complete open-world encounters that feature Dryads and Spriggan, who are in the way of our event-specific rewards. The blog post mentioned daily rewards so it's possible one event completion per day will be the best way to go about this one.


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