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Remnant 2 reveals Handler class and their dog abilities

Published: 03:28, 16 March 2023
Gunfire Games
Remnant 2 - Handler and the dog
Remnant 2 - Handler and the dog

Gunfire Games presented another class that will be featured in Remnant 2, along with their doggo.

Remnant 2 is really trying to differentiate the archetypes as best as possible. While the Gunslinger is all about unloading lead on the enemies , the Handler is more about kinship.

The kinship in question is not necessarily with other players but with their loyal companion, the dog.

Gunfire Games  released a new trailer that teased what the doggo can do for the Handler and how their symbiotic bond will help them prevail in combat.

The dog is not merely an NPC that will deal nominal damage to enemies but a wonderful companion to have on an otherwise depressive journey in the wastes that were once the place of bustling civilisation.

Players can direct the dog to assume one of the three roles:

  1. Damage, which will increase the dog's damage output
  2. Tank, where the dog does its best to take aggro
  3. Support, where the animal will let out howls that heal the Handler and their allies

Additionally, the dog can revive the Handler if they have unused healing items available, which will likely be invaluable in solo efforts where getting downed would otherwise mean getting knocked out as well.

To avoid confusion about the dog's mode, the game will not stab your eyes with intrusive UI. Instead, the dog's bandana will change colour which will indicate what your companion is up to.


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