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New World will get additional abilities with Brimstone Sands update

Published: 02:02, 31 August 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Brimstone Sands
New World - Brimstone Sands

Amazon Game Studios didn't mention one major addition from the Brimstone Sands update during the New World dev live stream but it will be highly impactful on the future of the game.

Abilities in New World are currently tied to the weapons players are carrying in any given moment but that will change with the Brimstone Sands update.

When it arrives, the players will be able to acquire Rune abilities, which will be bound to the "G" button on the keyboard by default and will be equipped much like other gear in the inventory.

It is currently unknown whether the runes will be craftable. As a matter of fact, AGS didn't reveal yet how they might be obtained but New World Fans did get the abilities' descriptions and it's known the rune powers will be charged by attacks and abilities instead of having a set cooldown.

Grasping Vines rune will spawn vines around the player to deal 100 per cent rune damage and root enemies in a four-metre radius for three seconds.

Stone Form rune will cleanse the player of crowd control debuffs and provide them immunity to stagger and the aforementioned CC debuffs.

Heretic's Fall rune will launch players into the air, who will then drop onto the ground to stagger and damage enemies in a three-metre radius. Activating it early will cause a premature drop with the same effects.

Cannon Blast will allow players to summon a cannon to shoot a cannonball that deals 100 per cent rune damage to enemies.

Detonate will let players charge up for three seconds and then detonate to deal 100 per cent rune damage in a five-metre radius.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Greatsword in action Greatsword stances aren't the only new mechanic the update will bring

All of the rune abilities have on static perk and one that differs, depending on their type - Greater, Survivor or Dominator. Each of them will alter the effects of the power in a significant way, providing a massive influx of new builds once the runes drop.

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