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New cape and infusions coming to Guild Wars 2 with IBS finale next week

Published: 00:22, 21 April 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Primordus
Guild Wars 2 - Primordus

Icebrood Saga is coming to an end when the final chapter releases in Guild Wars 2, bringing along a new cape and infusions alongside a massive boss fight that has a private mode as well.

ANet released a trailer for the upcoming finale of The Icebrood Saga in Guild Wars 2, revealing some of the content that awaits us on April 27, 2021.

Braham will play a central role as the dragon champions are going to clash and we are about to see what the fate holds in store for Tyria. If you followed the lore thus far, you probably know that details on what might happen if Jormag, Primordus or both of them are destroyed.

According to the official announcement, we will be thrust between these two forces of nature and will have to stop the conflict by all means necessary. 

Since GW2 is often called Fashion Wars 2, you are probably interested in checking out the cosmetics that we will be able to get next Tuesday. First among them is the Dragon Cape, which may be the highlight of the cosmetic additions.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Dragon Cape Guild Wars 2 - Dragon Cape

Those who are more interested in infusions may want a peek of the Dragon Eye infusions.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Dragon Eye Infusions Guild Wars 2 - Dragon Eye Infusions

If you prefer the practical aspect of Guild Wars 2, the gameplay and epic fights, you are in luck too. Completing the storyline will set you up against a new world boss, designed to be an encounter worthy of facing 80 players at once. 

However, if you are not into boss fights with randoms, you can also enter the private squad version that is designed to handle up to 50 players, making it a great activity for guilds and groups of friends.

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