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DICE explain Battlefield V chat censorship and announce changes

Published: 08:53, 17 September 2018
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Battlefield V

Battlefield V's open beta has drawn to a close and DICE posted a list of things they're currently working on to polish the game into a better experience, including the chat filter that has been found censoring the strangest of words.

In case you haven't had a go at Battlefield V's chat during the beta, it didn't allow for typing "white man", even though other colour variants were perfectly fine. There were some other words that boggle the mind like Nazi, Titanfall and even spaghetti and DLC. Except if you type Free DLC, then it's perfectly fine.

Battlefield V multiplayer producer David Sirland took to twitter to explain that the chat filter uses a dictionary from other EA games and an algorithm that finds "certain combinations of words to be escalators to toxic chat". Even though banning Nazi would make sense in some scenarios, even in a WWII game, censoring Titanfall makes you think. Not to mention the spaghetti.

Sirland pointed out that he's not familiar with how it works down to the detail but that this will be changed anyway. Battlefield V's website agrees, claiming that beta feedback is subject to "many adjustments". 

As for Battlefield V's beta, DICE are heading for a lot of tweaking, as pretty much every part of the game will be changed to some extent. Even though authentic, scarcity of ammo wasn't quite a fun thing to play around with and this is one of the first things that will be changed.

Battlefield V's TTK and TTD will be adjusted as well as the "death experience", which stands for bleed out and spawn times. This is so as "to make your virtual deaths as good as virtual deaths can be." Vehicles are being tweaked and progression and customisation will apparently go through changes as well, although it's uncertain exactly how.

twitter Battlefield V multiplayer producer David Sirland explaining chat filter Battlefield V multiplayer producer David Sirland

As much flak as Battlefield V has received, it appears that it's finally started with actual development, although we're yet to see if it's too late.

You can find DICE and EA's announcement of Battlefield V's post-beta changes .

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