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Naraka: Bladepoint's new map, Holoroth, embraces high-risk high-reward approach

Published: 14:01, 29 July 2022
24 Entertainment
Naraka: Bladepoint - Holoroth
Naraka: Bladepoint - Holoroth

Naraka: Bladepoint is three weeks out from receiving the new map that will push players towards more risks without forgetting to reward them in the process.

24 Entertainment decided to put more than one spin on the new map coming to Naraka: Bladepoint as Holoroth will have players wade through puzzles and traps all while thinking about survival and fighting each other. Additionally, there will be a lot more focus on verticality, blurring the line between the original map and the new one when it comes to size comparisons.

Holoroth appears to be the area where those demons from the campaign mode originate from. It is fairly evident due to the map's five biomes that include a desert portion, snowy mountains, an urban area, a palace and a gloomy part from the final part of every game ever.

It's that last part that is obviously connected to the demons since they share the black and red aesthetic that is not really dominant anywhere else. However, the lore connection does not make this biome the most important one.

For example, the Plumed Castle will draw interest from just about every player that is still alive due to its promise of riches. The treasure gathering is not as simple as just looting the place as the players will need to solve a puzzle in a wide-open area if they want the chest to spawn.

Should they manage to do it, the chest will award golden gear that is very powerful but the risks here are obvious - with great loot comes every Naruto-wannabe in the lobby with dollar signs in their eyes. Having to fight everyone off is a risky job but the person that prevails will have a definitive advantage over the rest of the players elsewhere on the map.

The puzzle and treasure are not the only way Holoroth pushes players to interact with it - there is an area with a spike roller that is moving in circles. Should a fight occur there, knocking an enemy into its path will result in severe damage and almost guaranteed victory in the duel but everyone will need to be careful, lest they be the one it rolls over.

24 Entertainment Naraka: Bladepoint - Spiked roller demonstrating the definition of a bad day Naraka: Bladepoint - Spiked roller demonstrating the definition of a bad day

According to the devs, Holoroth is roughly the same in size when compared to the original map but it might actually end up bigger due to the high focus on verticality. There are numerous floating platforms players can grapple to and there are tall buildings that can be climbed for a better view, as well as a breather from potential chaos that unfolds below the player.

24 Entertainment Naraka: Bladepoint - Navigating the floating platforms in Plumed Castle Naraka: Bladepoint - Navigating the floating platforms in Plumed Castle

For the time being, esports events will not feature Holoroth in the map selection but once the players have familiarised themselves with it, 24 Entertainment is open to the idea of adding it for additional flavour in the tournaments.

Holoroth is set to release on August 19, 2022.

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