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Does Naraka: Bladepoint have cross-play and cross-progression?

Published: 15:45, 23 June 2022
Naraka Bladepoint
Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint has launched on Xbox systems while it was already available on PC. Here is a rundown of the details regarding the platforms' ability to interact with each other.

PC and Xbox players are probably closer than ever with the constant growth of the shared ecosystem. Naraka: Bladepoint extends this ecosystem by providing almost all the features that connect PC and Xbox.


The game supports cross-play between PC and Xbox systems. You can match with people on the other platform and create parties with them. Xbox players get a few features to help adapt the game's controls to the gamepad rather than mouse and keyboard, such as aim assist, lock-on ability, radial menu and more. 

Additionally, Xbox players are able to opt out of crossplay but this is not the case for PC community, which will always have it enabled.


This feature is only partially supported in naraka: Bladepoint. The reason is that NetEase holds Xbox and Steam accounts separate so if you are an existing player on Steam, you will not be able to have cross-progression.

On the other hand, an Xbox account is an Xbox account. If you are playing through the Microsoft store on PC and decide to give it a go on Xbox, your progress should carry over between the platforms.

There is currently no information on whether Steam and Xbox accounts will get the option to link up in the future.

Xbox One generation of consoles

NetEase didn't officially confirm what the performance will be like on Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles when Naraka arrives there but they did say they are looking to make the framerate as good as possible and it will not be low.

As such, cross-play with PC and XSX/S will be possible but it still remains to be seen how enjoyable it will be and whether the weaker hardware will ruin the competitive experience.

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