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Microsoft not done buying studios, CEO Satya Nadella says

Published: 07:00, 23 September 2020
Inside Xbox event is set for 06 May 2020
Inside Xbox event is set for 06 May 2020

Microsoft have been bolstering their Xbox Game Studios ranks for a while now, snapping up some top-notch crews in the process, but it looks like they're far from done.

You had to have gotten an arrow to the knee not to have heard about Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax, and consequently their subsidiary Bethesda, but that's just one in a long line of acquisitions that saw the company snap up some of the most-renowned studios around.

Speaking to CNet, Microsoft's head honcho Satya Nadella suggested that Microsoft are far from done with their shopping spree. Granted, he didn't exactly say they'll keep buying whoever, whenever, but it's pretty clear that they won't miss a chance to buy quality studios whenever it makes sense to do so. 

Speaking to CNet, Nadella said, "We'll always look for places where there is that commonality of purpose, mission, and culture. We will always look to grow inorganically where it makes sense."

While it may be sufficiently corporately vagued out, the statement is pretty clear that Microsoft won't miss any opportunities to add more renowned studios to their ranks. 

There's been a lot of talk about next-gen consoles this year, and yours truly is actually pretty delighted with Microsoft and Sony's increasingly differing approaches to the same thing. 

Not only did both consoles tackle the same hardware issues differently, which tech-savvy users should find incredibly interesting - their approaches have been shaped into exclusives-based and subscription-based ones, respectively. 

Microsoft Microsoft Xbox gets new addition from a hefty lineup of Bethesda games Microsoft acquires Bethesda Softworsk

In fact, you could easily argue that Microsoft's next-gen platform is Xbox Game Pass, while the consoles themselves are just a conduit to access it. And you wouldn't be off by much, although to be fair - their conduits are sure selling like hotcakes

You can find the interview here .

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