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Xbox Series X preorders crash UK's All Access retailers' websites

Published: 12:49, 22 September 2020
Xbox Series X and S packaging
Xbox Series X and S packaging

If you needed a reminder of just how sought-for Xbox Series X is, then look no further than Game and Smyths Toys, whose websites crashed over All Access preorders.

We keep thinking about South Park's episode and their take on The Game of Thrones' "Winter is coming", and once you strip the comedy away (or some of it, at least) - we seem to be at that point. 

Anyway, Xbox All Access, which is Microsoft's program allowing users to buy Xbox gear on a monthly plan, has lit up the moment preorders opened at the UK's two major retailers, Game and Smyths Toys. 

Such was the demand, in fact, that the websites crashed within hours, prompting both retailers to tweet out explanations and directions on alternative ways to get their mitts on Xbox Series X consoles. Granted, user comments suggest they crashed in mere seconds, but that matters little now.

Game wrote that their holding page is up while they "improve the customer journey" for customers. They encouraged users to keep checking the website, thanking them for their patience. 

Smyths Toys were a bit less corporate-y, tweeting out that their website is down. They reminded that prospective Xbox Series X customers can still preorder the console in their store, but All Access deals will remain unavailable so long as the website is down. 

Both insist they're doing their best to bring the websites back up, and we're inclined to believe them considering that there's a truckload of Xbox-inspired cash waiting at the end of that tunnel

Being in the video game business, yours truly is delighted with the reception of both consoles, especially since they've differentiated themselves significantly in recent times. While it's obvious that fanboys are recruiting for the next instalment of console wars, PlayStation and Xbox are increasingly looking like complementary gaming devices, rather than direct competitors. 

Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft's next-gen console aces

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