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Epic Games Store is offering Metro Last Light for free

Published: 23:12, 04 February 2021
4A Games
Metro Last Light Redux
Metro Last Light Redux

Epic Games Store is kicking off another week of two freebies, one of them being a highly praised games from both the critics and player sides.

Rangers have their work cut out for them after the events of Metro 2033 and you are placed in the thick of it. Artyom is returning here as the protagonist but is now inducted into the peacekeeping order and they are exploring a pre-war bunker that could hold the salvation for the humans who are barely surviving in the depths of the metro.

Fans of the series were immediately sold by that pitch and Metro: Last Light became immensely successful and a well-regarded game. Now, you can get to keep it at no cost as it's one of the featured titles in this week's giveaway on Epic Games Store. 

To claim Metro Last Light for free , just go to the store page and click the "Get" button which is temporarily replacing the "Buy Now". You will be prompted to subscribe to a newsletter but you can just uncheck the box and get the game anyway. You have until the next Thursday, February 11, 2021, to claim the offer.

While Metro Last Light is certainly a fantastic game that takes the spotlight, For the King is not one that should be overlooked either. 

This slightly obscure strategy RPG is holding an impressive 88 per cent positive reviews that eclipse the 78 per cent that the most expensive video game to date managed to score.

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