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Mass Effect: Andromeda will have a free 10 hour trial

Published: 14:21, 23 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Free trial available only on PC and Xbox One

EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will get to play a free 10 hour trial of Mass Effect: Andromeda five to seven days before its official release. This means that the trial will be limited to the corresponding PC and Xbox One EA digital services, with PlayStation 4 users being left out.

YouTube Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda

The game's designer Ian S. Frazier has been doing a lot of, most likely publisher sanctioned, teasing on his Twitter page , with the latest one pointing to plasma weapons:

Mass Effect: Andromeda was also confirmed to ship without any season pass deals which could mean a host of different things, since EA is acting a little lately:

Demos and free trials have become a bit of a rarity in gaming over the last decade or so, and it comes as a bit of a surprise that they resurfaced in the form of paid-subscription-service-bait, along with free games and DLC. Looks like the big guys are digging in for the long game.

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